Comunitat Valenciana Project

We designed, developed and maintained the tourism website of Comunitat Valenciana that was considered in 2015 as the best tourism portal in terms of interactivity and mobility.

A tourism website in eight languages which must be capable of responding to a million visits per month.

The region of Valencia is considered a priority tourism destination in our country, being the region with the third highest number of annual visits. When Drupalera began to work on this project four years ago, the platform had considerable technical problems in terms of performance, third-party system integration, content publication in various languages, and so on. Our mission was the migration of all the content, files, multimedia etc to a new website using a new version of Drupal. The project took us one year and we have been performing maintenance and development since then. Our latest development, due to the importance of mobile phone users, has been the creation of the mobile website.

There were various important objectives to meet:

  • Constructing a flexible content administration system to permit more than 1500 user-editors to be able to create and publish content in various formats and eight different languages.

  • Improving the user experience and creating a new architecture of information to increase audience participation.

  • Integrating more than eight external information systems with the aim of improving participation (webcam, geo-portal, weblog system,  etc).

  • Improving performance.

  • Increasing user acquisition and conversion.

Our work has included several studies to optimise acquisition and engagement, the development of a multilingual content manager and a multitude of integrations. Finally, the mobile website.

Drupalera performed the analysis, design and implementation of the new website, highlighting the following:

  • Consulting level: user experience design, implementation of KPIs in GAnalytics, re-architecture of information and SEO (strategy and technique).

  • Technical level: the biggest challenge was undoubtedly the migration of millions of records and multimedia material generated by the Tourism Agency by different agents: news, places, events, accommodation, etc. We also highlight the software architecture and site performance optimization with more than 500,000 visits per month. Finally, the integration of different information systems.

Portal Turístico de la Comunitat Valenciana

The digital indicators give positive results from month to month and have allowed the website to be recognized at national and international level.

The tourism website stands out in user friendly matters. It obtains ratings well above average in “Interactivity”, “Social Website” and “Mobile communication”. (Source: Codetur CCAA website).

Some website statistics:

  • 700,000-1,000,000 visits per month.

  • 40,000 registered users.

  • 1500 travel agencies publishing content in eight different languages.

  • 8 integrated systems (weather provider, weblogs, webcams, Gesturnet, etc.).

Sergio Bellentani
Website Marketing Manager at GVA

Having this multidisciplinary team of experts has allowed us to carry out such a complex project as

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