We developed and deployed at high availability a portal for the Government of Chile based on our Drupal Origins distribution, focussed on obtaining the best user experience from any device respecting the KIT digital of Chile.

Working for an organisation such as the Government of Chile is a responsibility which we took great pleasure in assuming

The Servicio de Evaluación Ambiental ( Environmental Evaluation Service) is a public organisation of the Chilean government. Its principal function is to manage the environmental management tool known as "Sistema de Evaluación de Impacto Ambiental" (SEIA) which evaluates projects from an environmental perspective and encourages and promotes the public’s participation in the process.

This service fulfils the function of regulating the criteria, requirements, conditions, antecedents, certifications, processes, technical demands and procedures regarding the environment which are established by Ministries and other relevant bodies in Chile.

In its constant process of improvement, we were commissioned with the challenge of modernising the government website to comply with security standards and to be more user-friendly and dynamic, as much for the editors as for the users. The objectives given to us were the following:

  • To construct a software system capable of deploying the complete platform in a complex architecture in a totally independent way.

  • To use up-to-date technology, given that the SEA website is over four years old.

  • To comply with the existing regulations for governmental websites following the official guidelines regarding style and implementation. 

  • To create a multiplatform website.

  • To migrate all the information from the current website to the new platform in Drupal.

We looked to create a system capable of making its support and maintenance as easy as possible, and which was furthermore focused 100% on user satisfaction.

From the point of view of infrastructure, an independent system of the auto-installation and auto-deployment of basic services was developed (nfs, content, database servers, caché...) in order to allow the client to easily create and maintain environments.

We carried out the research, analysis of the user experience, design, implementation and exploitation of the system infrastructure to support the high availability which this service offers to the public on behalf of the Servicio de Evaluación Ambiental. We highlight the following:

  • The best way of starting is to start together. For this we studied the client in person, getting to know the organisation, their experiences, and expectations. This was fundamental to obtaining the required focus to understand the requirements of the business. Following these first meetings with the client, we redefined the functionalities, taking into account the technical requirements and limitations.

  • We continued with the definition of a navegation model, in other words, how (through menus, links, quick access keys etc) this information was to be visible.

  • Creation of timeframes: each of the functionalities defined had to have an interface area, for which wireframes were created for desktop and mobile sizes.

  • Creation of timeframes: each one of the functionalities defined had to have an interface area, for which wireframes were created for desktop and mobile sizes.

  • One of the requisites was to comply with the new graphic style of the Government of Chile, whilst giving it its own personality as required by the SEA. For this, modular designs were made of components, inspirational headlines and creative montages.

In technical terms, we used our software published in Drupal Origins with the DaVinci theme. It facilitated the start-up of the development and the implementation of the responsive design completely adapted to tablets and mobiles.Other characteristics of the platform were:

  • Simple administrative panel for corporate information, news, events, banners, documents, etc.

  • Easy processing of users, permissions and roles.

  • Management of hierarchies and regions with a personalised module for said end.

  • Support and management of multimedia content.

  • Completely focused on browser optimization:SEO

Web del SEA en Chile

Obtaining the total satisfaction of both those who use the platform and those who maintain it has been the principal success of the project

Today, both from the point of view of the client and that of the users, satisfaction with the project is absolute. On the one hand, the client possesses a completely functional publication and disclosure system, which at the same time is scalable and secure. On the other hand, user feedback has been also totally positive in terms of satisfaction in using the new platform.

Guido Farias
Head of Department of Projects and Administration, Envirnomental Evaluation Service of the Government of Chile

We have a stable, secure, robust and accessible website, which complies with international good practice in terms of public site usability: always in accordance with the new governmental directions in Chile.

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