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Building a website should not be an objective per se, but a means of achieving the business goals. We will help you to have a clear picture of what is the right role of your website within your online strategies, helping you to improve the performance of your business model and staying focused while defining it to achieve your business goals.

  • Identifying correctly your business goals, making your website goals and your online strategies match with them
  • Helping you to better shape a tactical action plan around your online customer funnel, from acquisition to engagement, to conversion and finally to retention and fidelization
  • Designing and implementing data-driven strategies - performing KPI definition, dashboards and reporting design - and implementing and configuring correctly web analytic tools in your website
  • Giving technological advice before starting the project, so you can evaluate PROs and CONs of each possible architecture and technology to make the best decisions before starting the project
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A right User Experience design is key to avoid traffic bouncing, increase user engagement and optimize conversion rates (CRO). We will put at your disposal our UX and UI teams to define and design your website, side by side with you. They will bring a large technical experience and you will bring your knowledge on your business. Our UX/UI teams works following agile methodologies, and they work deeply integrated with development teams, so everything they propose is always discussed and validated from a technical point of view.

  • User research including design of Personas and Journey maps
  • Information Architecture design
  • User flow definition and optimization
  • Interactive Low-Fidelity Wireframing with Axure and High-Fidelity prototypes with Sketch and Marvel
  • Branding design, and development of the brand visual style guide


The release of Drupal 8 marked a turning point in the Drupal community. Drupal 8/9 contains a lot of improvements over Drupal 7 in terms of performance, security or architecture, and also hundred of new features. The integration with Symfony framework is a huge improvement, but also implies profound differences with respect to Drupal 7. A successful migration to Drupal 8/9 needs a reliable and expert team, really up to date.

  • Migration to Drupal 8/9 from other technologies
  • Upgrading from previous Drupal versions
  • Migration and Upgrade can include secure data migration, user interface (theming), custom features and third party integration. Migration will be based on best Drupal tools, scripting, intermediate data models, QA definition and testing procedures, systematic monitoring and staff training and support.


Although Drupal is usually intended just as a Content Management System (CMS), we have build complex systems where Drupal was acting just as the Backend, serving information to different front-ends via API/REST. We have also used Drupal as the front-end for other systems, like search index services or Document Management Systems. Drupal is not only a CMS but also a very powerful framework, very adaptable and perfect to be integrated with other services in complex systems. We offer the following services to our clients:

  • Drupal 8/9 development, backend and theming
  • Drupal custom module (features) development
  • Large multilingual websites
  • Multisite architectures
  • Responsive and mobile websites
  • Backend development, for third party integration Via APIs
  • Front-end development with SASS/LESS + AngularJS using Drupal as backend


If you ask experienced Product Owners about the difference between having real QA on track during live product development and maintenance, and not having QA at all, they will probably summarize it as the difference between a walk in the woods and a walk along a minefield. We count on dedicated and experienced QA teams, that are used to work with Drupal development teams to ensure the development efficiency and the quality of the deliverables.

  • QA applied to agile development and delivery methodologies (Agile QA), with acceptance testing definition during product backlog build and grooming
  • Drupal Continuous integration (Jenkins) with automatic code inspection (PHPCS), unit testing (PHPUnit) and functional testing (Selenium), Performance metrics (JMeter) and Responsive test (Galen Framework)
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It is said that Drupal websites usually present performance issues, when they are stressed with several concurrent logged-in users. We have built Drupal websites visited today by almost 1M users per month, with page load times below 1 second. That is possible thanks to a combination of a continuous profiling and several teams activities and knowledge like:

  • Server side optimization, cloud or on-premise: Apache systems architecture and services, mysql, varnish, memcached, REDIS, Cloudfront, S3, etc...
  • Drupal module architecture, optimizing the number and the combination of contributed and custom modules
  • Front-end optimization (page load and view-render level), including HTML, CSS and JS libraries optimization
  • Media and content optimization, including not only optimization at file level but also looking for lazy loading strategies
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We offer a specialized 24x7 DRUPAL Support Center, offering fast corrective maintenance for critical situations - such as hacking attack for example - and preventive ones such as system security patches and core and module upgrades. We also offer adaptive maintenance as a proactive response to optimize security or performance and include new website features.

  • Cloud Hosting (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Acquia)
  • Diagnostic (security, module selection, migration or performance best practices)
  • Issue resolution
  • Drupal core and module upgrades
  • Expert development to new requirements

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