We designed and developed the strategy and complete online platform of the Think Big project for the Telefonica Foundation, a social innovation project aimed at young people, which won the 'Spain Global Internet Day' award 2014.

An innovative social project with a very clear objective: to engage young people

As its mission states, the Telefónica Foundation (Telefónica Group) is committed to a digital world of solidarity. Therefore its projects are aimed at improving people's opportunities through educational, social and cultural projects from a digital point of view.

This is the framework of the Think Big project, where we became a technological partner. 

The '' Think Big'' project has not only been a website, but also a digital strategy project based on a website and a Facebook application.

We started the project with two defined challenges focused on encouraging young people to generate business ideas using a new platform of social innovation. On the one hand to obtain as many ideas as possible, in addition to attracting a high level of participation of young people (communication, acquisition, persuasion, conversion). On the other hand to maximise the levels of activity and relevance of ongoing projects (activation, interaction, loyalty, promotion).

An integral solution, which included both a web platform and a Facebook app

Drupal was clearly the best technical platform to develop the solution for this project, however we actually worked on all stages: Marketing strategy, UX, analysis, design and development of a new website, a new intranet for the social entrepreneur and a Facebook application for Telefonica Foundation.

We began the analysis to ensure the business objectives of the website were met. After that we developed, through the use of Drupal, a promotional and public website: a digital workspace for young entrepreneurs, a Facebook application and a control panel to evaluate and manage the ideas for the staff of the project Think Big.

Think Big ES website

Results which have made not only those of us who participated in the development happy , but also the users who have benefitted from it

We implemented the Drupal website after 9 months. It has been the basis of a complete digital strategy to achieve the project objectives. We have been able to achieve the proposal’s goals every year since 2013.

The Think Big project became winner of the "Spain Global Internet Day" 2014 award, one of the most important digital awards in Spain:

María José Rementería
Chief Technology Officer at Fundación Telefónica

Their understanding of online strategy and consulting, combined with its technical expertise and knowledge in Drupal, have facilitated the achievement of all the project goals

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