We built a semantic social network based on Drupal and the Apache Solr indexer to manage and dynamise large volumes of educational resources for tens of thousands of nationwide users.

The principal challenge was to implement advanced concepts in the semantic website by Drupal

INTEF is a unit dependent of the Ministry of Education (Spain) and responsible for the integration of technologies and communications in the non-university stages of the education system. The Procomún educational website is a Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports (MECD) initiative, which is based on the Proyecto Agrega ( It is a digital initiative that focuses on a website that integrates didactic objects and teaching experiences, forming an intelligent, social and widely-available / easily accessible website.

In this educational community, the Autonomous Communities can find and create in this educational community structured didactic material and a standardized classified form (LOM-ES) for students and teachers to download and use directly.

The main objectives of this project were to:

  • Construct a “semantic layer” upon an existing platform, capable of providing the contents daily with relevant information obtained automatically from other related contents  and from information obtained from the opinions of users and the uses made of the website.

  • Extend the services offered by the web through work with structured websites and linked to the rules of semantic web data.

  • Develop a faceted search engine that allowed users to find learning objects across multiple criteria or facets based on their own reasoning.

  • Provide a social network for teachers researchers and students to connect, share knowledge and establish relationships, offering great interactivity and semantic and use recommendations.

We designed a system that integrates several services and platforms, which began to work together in a fully-coordinated way

PROCOMUN was an important technological challenge with a system architecture based on:

  • Drupal 7 as web platform and frontend of the whole system.

  • SOAP y Restfull API as "Enterprise BUS" based on J2EE technology.

  • Apache Solr as search platform.

  • A semantic platform based on Apache and Apache Jena Fuseki Stanbol for the improvement of the Solr data.

 Drupal Architecture with Solr and Stambol

Procomún is a successful Project not only in terms of user feedback, but also in website figures

The Procomun website currently services more than 20,000 registered users, who currently have access through the site to:

  • More than 80,000 open educational resources (Recursos Educativos Abiertos, or “O.E.R”).

  • More than 17,900 articles.

  • More than 200 online communities.

  • More than 130 educational events.

David Munárriz
CMO at La Drupalera

The biggest challenge in Procomun was to successfully develop a social semantic platform of reference in the educational environment in just five months by organizing an internal team of more than 15 people from different technological areas and different areas of expertise.

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