Unicef Project

Using Drupal, we designed and developed the first online store for Unicef Spain and we helped to redefine and optimise its online sales model. We also redesigned and developed its corporate website to optimise the achievement of its objectives.

Working with Unicef was both an honour and a challenge

UNICEF Spain is a registered charity. Unicef raises funds through donations from both individuals and organizations and is committed to protecting children. UNICEF Spain requested our services to build their new website, www.unicef.es, due to our Drupal knowledge and references at that time (2010). When we finished (9 months later) and launched the new site, we started the development of its online shop (which took us 6 months). We continue to be proud of this project, although its development was undertaken 5 years ago, because it offered great challenges at functional, integration, and design levels, etc. Nowadays another company is in charge of its maintenance and evolution.

We had various important objectives to meet:

  • To promote Unicef ​​Spain online as a leader in maintaining children’s rights.

  • To improve the conversion rate to raise donations.

  • To increase audience participation.

  • To simplify, integrate and improve internal processes, in a new backoffice.

A corporate website and online shop working together

Corporate portal:

We completely redesigned the portal architecture and developed all the new user flow, as well as the analysis and technical design. We also carried out the construction of complex custom workflows and the integration of the new portal with the existing member and donor management tool. Finally, we had to migrate all the content of the existing portal and translate it into 4 languages.

Online shop:

We unified the three existing UNICEF shops (individuals, companies and blue gift) into a single online shop. A complete project was developed from user experience design and visual design to Drupal development. The main objective was to improve the conversion rate of the website while improving loyalty ratios with the new user experience.

Integration with backoffice:

A 360º integration of tools and channels was carried out, connecting the internal CRM with the user base and the online channels and from there, with the web analytics.

Integracion Drupal - Backoffice - Analytics - CRM

Positive results after great initial challenges

Unicef ​​Spain has since increased its online donations, this being the principal initial objective.  Furthermore, our user target visits also increased. In general:

  • We reached the conversion objectives initially set down for both channels.

  • Offline data and processes were integrated with online processes, unifying the user journey and improving both their global experience and the ability of Unicef to offer a completely personalised relationship.

  • Improvements were made to the performance of the web channels.

Nacho Montoya
Head of Digital Strategy at La Drupalera

This was a very rewarding project not only because of the fact that we were able to work for UNICEF, but also because it allowed us to carry out an integral project proposal. We covered everything from the definition of objectives and strategies at a business level, to the development and implementation of web platforms that materialized those strategies.

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