6 Drupal modules that will save you a lot of time

6 Drupal modules that will save you a lot of time

We have compiled this selection of Drupal modules that will help you solve the most tedious administrative tasks in a few clicks.

Useful modules for your Drupal

Administration menu

This module will allow you to find the easiest ways to initiate a session and administer the site.  Once installed, the administration options will appear as part of the menu, which will let you save a lot of time.


Spam is the nightmare of any web administrator and creates a massive loss of time, especially when it comes in large volumes.  It’s a good thing that with the module Mollom, which helps you determine whether a message is span based on the content on the internet, repetitive behavior, and the reputation of who wrote it, you will be able to avoid allowing spam on you web portal.


If you have a form on your website, this module is perfect for you.  All websites that contain forms face the possibility that certain robots will fill the servers with unnecessary spam and junk mail.

Normally, a captcha text is used to prevent the robots from continuing these practices, but they can be frustrating for the usurers and could make you lose potential clients.

The Honeypot module uses a more advanced and less intrusive method based on the insertion of hidden fields in the formula.  The final user does not see this, and therefore does not complete it, but the spam robots generally use predefined scripts, and they do put text in the field.  The Honeypot module is in charge of detecting and blocking the sending of these forms that have that hidden field filled.


It is important to not just receive many visits to a web sites; rather, one must know what is happening on the site.  Hotjar permits you to know the behavior of a user on the site by tracking user actions so that you can analyze it later. In principle, the objective of this module is to help improve the user web experience, as well as the conversion rate.  It can also be used to generate heat maps, save user sessions, funnels, forms, surveys, and many other features.


This module is very useful for those websites based on different user profiles.  It allows the administrator to initiate a session with any of the existing roles, and he or she would be able to return to the administrator profile whenever required.

Google Tag Manager

If you have never used Google Analytics or Google Adwords you might not know very well how they manage the tags or how this module can help you implement them on your web.  The tags are fragments of code that allow you to analyze and manage information with third party datasets.  

This module permits the addition of tags without requiring any technical knowledge or code editing. Thus, the marketing team of a business will be able to implement their campaign tags without needing the help of programmers.

We hope that these modes will make your daily administration of Drupal more bearable.