Drupal Development

Elementor: Añadir nuevo widget

Neftalí Guerrero Pancorbo (Nesta)
1. ¿Qué es Drupal Elementor? Elementor is a Drupal module whose purpose is to generate pages in a simple way, "drag and drop", the different widgets and applying the corresponding styles on the fly. The module provides us a simple and intuitive interface (fig 1.) with which we will get good results in the shortest possible time. You can have a look to our introduction to Elementor here.
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Olivero theme

Olivero, the new Drupal 9 Theme

Daniel Ortega
In the previous post, we already told that some news are coming with Drupal 9. Today, we want to comment on one of the most popular news, the new ‘Olivero’ theme. The long and arduous journey that a ‘drupaleer’ has very often started with this image:
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Pantheon Logo

Introduction to Pantheon

Antonio Jesús Mantis Benítez
Do you need a hosting provider fast, reliable, secure and simple to maximize the value of our websites and therefore our business? That is exactly what Pantheon is.
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Grunt, automating repetitive work

Grunt, automating repetitive work

Jesús R Peinado
Grunt is a Javascript task automator that allows us to launch a series of tasks at the same time with just a single order. Being based on Javascript, both the syntax and the operation is very simple, working based on plugins.
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