Drupal Development

CKEditor Templates

CKEditor templates

Estefanía López
Have you ever found yourself wanting to get more out of your HTML editor? Do you want to reuse designs from the rest of your web pages? Well, if that is the case, stay and read on. Introduction The drupal core comes with one of the best open source text editors: CKeditor. This text editor allows us to write good content with different options. However, sometimes, the functionalities of this HTML editor are not enough for the user.
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Drupal and DDEV

Drupal and DDEV

Cristo Perera Rincón
DDEV is an open source tool that uses docker to quickly create local PHP development environments. It has different templates for different frameworks and CMS, and of course Drupal is one of them.
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Elementor: Add new widget

Neftalí Guerrero Pancorbo (Nesta)
Elementor is a Drupal module whose purpose is to generate pages in a simple way, "drag and drop", the different widgets and applying the corresponding styles on the fly.
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Olivero theme

Olivero, the new Drupal 9 Theme

Daniel Ortega
In the previous post, we already told that some news are coming with Drupal 9. Today, we want to comment on one of the most popular news, the new ‘Olivero’ theme. The long and arduous journey that a ‘drupaleer’ has very often started with this image:
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