Drupal 10 release is out, let's celebrate!

Drupal 10 release

Last December 14, 2022 Drupal version 10 was released, we are celebrating!

This new major release brings us many new features, among which we highlight:

  • Symfony version updated to 6.
  • PHP 8.1 support (and requirement).
  • New default base theme: Olivero.
  • New default admin theme: Claro.
  • CKEditor 5.
  • Starterkit theme generator.
  • Modern Javascript components to replace some uses of jQuery.

Also, most of the most used contributed modules already have Drupal 10 version available, so they have done their homework.

As with Drupal 9, there are contributed tools such as Upgrade Status that eases migration processes from older versions to Drupal 10.

Happy New Year Drupalero!