Olivero, the new Drupal 9 Theme

Olivero theme

In the previous post, we already told that some news are coming with Drupal 9. Today, we want to comment on one of the most popular news, the new ‘Olivero’ theme.

The long and arduous journey that a ‘drupaleer’ has very often started with this image:

Olivero, the new Drupal 9 Theme - Bartik theme image

This is the sign that, regardless of the path you have chosen to do it, the installation of a Drupal project has been successfully achieved, and it is that the distinctive ‘Bartik’ drupal theme has become our welcome for 11 years, that it is easily said.

Well then, time is approaching to say goodbye to this image in our retinas, the plans for the Drupal developers are to permanently retire Bartik with the arrival of Drupal 10, which will make Olivero the default theme. Currently, the 9.0 and 9.1 Drupal versions bring Olivero in an experimental phase, although it is expected to be stable and the default Drupal theme in 9.2 version, still coexisting with Bartik. 

What does Olivero bring us?

A more modern and elegant design

The advances of Drupal to improve its backend to adapt it to maintenance and the latest versions of the different components it uses must also be reflected in a frontend that is up to par, at least they have thought so.

Olivero, the new Drupal 9 Theme - Olivero modern design

Elements such as gradients and shadows have been used sparingly, and have given a twist to css animations, typography, opting for Metropolis as sans-serif font and Lora for the serif, as well as changes in the color palette.

New features and functionalities

Olivero offers support in the most common functionalities that we develop in a web portal such as second-level navigation, improvements in the options for embedding media files and also full integration with Layout Builder, which is already standard and stable in Drupal 9.

Olivero, the new Drupal 9 Theme - Layout Builder options in Olivero
Layout Builder options in Olivero.
Olivero, the new Drupal 9 Theme - Options for embedding Media entities
Options for embedding Media entities.

Compliance with WCAG AA standard

This is going to make some of us happy, because, how many times have we finished a project and been forced to audit the web and apply dozens of changes in order to adapt the project to AA accessibility standard? Olivero already incorporates improvements in that regard, so that to avoid suffering the endless list of accessibility errors in our project. There has been a close collaboration with accessibility experts to bring Olivero up to the WCAG AA standards.


Olivero is Drupal’s effort to offer a renewed, modern and elegant image compared to its competitors, another component that Drupal provides for its renewal inside and outside to continue as a more robust tool and reliable in the field of digital platforms and web applications.

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