DrupalCamp 2022: an unforgettable experience in Zaragoza

DrupalCamp Spain 2022

Excitement, innovation and community. These three premises have always been key in Drupal and, recently, they met again in DrupalCamp 2022 Zaragoza. It has been two years of hiatus, of drought of events, two years in which we have shared and talked a lot about Drupal through a chat and in which the members of the Community have developed workshops and acquired new knowledge through forums or online meetings, but nothing more.

So now the time had come. It was time to meet again, to put faces, to resume old conversations and start new debates. In short, it was time to enjoy a new DrupalCamp
In La Drupalera we have been participating for almost a decade in this kind of events, so we know its importance and repercussion. This year, moreover, we wanted to get more actively involved, so we have participated in the sponsorship of the event.

This DrupalCamp, due to the circumstances in which it was taking place, was special, although the expectations were not to rocket, it must be said. The pandemic and the quality of previous events had taken their toll. However, what our drupalers Nesta Guerrero, Juanlu Blanco and Adrián Vázquez told us was quite the opposite.

Let's start with the Business Day

DrupalCamp Spain 2022

As usual in this kind of events, the previous day is dedicated to companies. The Business Day is not only a meeting place where Drupal is offered as a technological solution to help businesses to achieve their goals; but also it is a day to share experiences, visions and ways of working. And, of course, we could not miss it from La Drupalera.

On this occasion, the dicussion focused on the problems that continue to appear within the Drupal ecosystem, as well as possible solutions. Thus, it was talked about the retention and acquisition of talent, the internationalisation of teams, remote work, the dissemination of Drupal technology and the Community. "Problems that most companies have around these issues were raised and it was very interesting and enriching to see how each one gave different solutions," says Adrian, for what was his first DrupalCamp and, moreover, in his hometown.

The value of the Drupal Community

DrupalCamp Spain 2022

It is always said that Drupal Community has a special idiosyncrasy, but it is true, in La Drupalera we know it well. The passion for this technology, the desire to learn and also to teach make drupalers unique. And, once again, we have proved it. Our colleagues, especially Juanlu and Adrián, who faced their first DrupalCamp as rookies, were able to feel it.

"The Community attracted me a lot, I think it is something that is not talked about enough, but it is worth highlighting. I learned a lot from the high Drupal profiles I was talking to and asked a lot of questions and tried to absorb as much as I could. People are willing to help you 100% and that's what I liked a lot about the Community", says Juanlu.

In addition to the involvement on an individual level, Nesta - more experienced in this kind of events - highlighted the involvement and support from companies: "I was struck by the fact that companies were very supportive of current initiatives, which I think is essential because, at the end, these are problems that occur everywhere".

Expertise and methodologies

DrupalCamp Spain 2022

UX, UI, Business, SEO, Analytics, 100% Drupal techniques... quality and variety marked the typology of the talks that took place throughout the weekend. Themes that, on the one hand, have given our team the keys to how to work with technology and how to deal with customer projects.

"We realised that we, along with other companies, have a very similar focus. That made me see where we need to invest when it comes to innovation. We know that we have to continue learning new methodologies and continue to strengthen the ones we already have implemented in our workflow," says Juanlu.

But the knowledge doesn't stop there. In fact, a Slack channel has recently been launched in which they will continue to generate debates and raise questions and problems on different topics. Drupal.tv channel is also available to find out everything that is happening in the Drupal worldwide universe.

Smells like Seville

The conclusion of Drupal events usually has a bittersweet taste. On the one hand, we end up with that feeling of full satisfaction for having shared experiences and news of the Drupal world with all kinds of professionals; but, on the other hand, we always have that little bit of resentment and the bug that 'all good things come to an end'.

Once again, and as it happened in previous editions, the rumours about the cities that are postulated as candidates for the next Camp started on Sunday. Among the comments, the smell of orange blossom and the good weather, together with the weight of a solid and consolidated Community, place Seville among the cities at the head of the list to host this event.

Hopefully this will be the case and we will meet again at the next Camp, this time on the banks of the Guadalquivir.