Using a single theme for a multisite Drupal 8 installation

Challenges of using a single theme for a complex multi-site Drupal 8 installation

Our drupalers, Nesta Guerrero and Enno Langelotz, performed in the Drupal Dev Days one of the first sessions of expert developers, titled 'Challenges of using a single theme for a complex multisite Drupal 8 instalation'.

In this session, our Frontend developers made a brief introduction on how to implement a Front development in multisite. So, taking as an example one of the last projects of La Drupalera developed in Drupal 8, Sevilla FC, our colleagues explained how a series of actions that can be carried out to speed development in both sites, can be detected.

As Enno had said: "We talked about the unwritten laws, how to create the layout, the process and what the specifications are when we are working on a multisite, because we have not seen published content on that subject and we believe that this topic could contribute a lot to the community".

One of the complications in which they deepened in the session and that arose when developing the new web of the Seville FC, is that they wanted to avoid the repetitions: "We did not want to repeat code, nor created functionalities and we also wanted to differentiate code from a portal and so that each portal had its corresponding files" explained Nesta.

To sum up, they taught the audience how a standard and useful structure for any Drupal Front developer.

Here you have the slides of the session. We hope you'll enjoy them!