La Drupalera, in the European Drupal Business Days

La Drupalera, in the European Drupal Business Days

This month, La Drupalera can’t stop. If some days ago, we told you about our success in DrupalCamp Spain 2017, where our colleagues Isaura Galafate y Bea González triumphed with their talks, now our Country Manager y Technical Leader, Rafa Martín, is news, because he is going to show one of our Case Study in La Drupalera, in one of the most important events of Drupal in Europe: European Drupal Business Days. Furthermore, La Drupalera, which loves contributing with the Community, takes part in the event as Partner community.

Sevilla futbol club La Drupalera

Rafa Martín, through his 30-minutes talk ‘Playing soccer with Drupal 8: Sevilla FC’, will explain one of the most important and technically complex projects of La Drupalera. Sevilla FC website is entirely developing in Drupal 8 and our team has had to face the challenge like adding different languages as Chinese or Arabian, which imply to prepare the web to a inversely reading.

Web development has let to do relevant contributions to One of the example is the module Cloudfront Edge Caching.

European Drupal Business Days is a meeting point between business and TI experts which meet the principal actors and well-known Drupal institutions and it takes place in Frankfurt between 18-20 of May.



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