Drupal Summer Academy: Enjoying Drupal in Seville

Drupal Summer Academy: Enjoying Drupal in Seville

This year, the Drupal Summer Academy, an event created through the efforts of the Drupal Community of Seville, celebrates its second edition.  Although the Drupal community is large, it seemed to have failed to attract new talent.  Either through a lack of awareness or lack of means, the community has not brought new programmers to the Drupal way.

To address this issue, the Drupal Summer Academy was created.  José Luis Bellido, a collaborator in the project, said that this training course: “gives me the opportunity to help those who were interested in Drupal and to be able to initiate them in a technology and community that I´ve gotten hooked on.”  Bellido will participate in the course with two talks about the Drupal Community and the tools that you need to be a Drupal Developer.

The objective of this course is to enrich the Spanish language Drupal community and continue revolutionizing the relationship between Seville and Drupal.  To help with this cause, our compatriots Nesta Guerrero, Nacho Montoya, and David Munárriz will participate in the talks about community as representatives of La Drupalera.

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