4 reasons to send a newsletter from your Drupal portal

4 reasons to send a newsletter from your Drupal portal

We said goodbye to May, a month loaded with new features and one of them is... now we have a newsletter!  You can now receive all our monthly features and those of the community in your inbox with just one click.

To celebrate this new drupalera initiative, we have written this post with some reasons why we recommend that you should 100 percent create your own newsletter.  Whether for your website or personal Drupal blog or that of the company where you work, a journalistic bulletin can be a very useful loyalty tool.

Everyone knows that it is difficult to get visibility in a digital environment where there are millions of sources of information.  Because of this, we initiate direct contact with the followers of our content not just as a means of keeping them up to date with your features, but rather as a method of differentiating us from the rest, especially when we know that these people have chosen us from everyone else.

Our experience has taught us that looking after the audience interested in you and trying to discover the content that they like to read are the best strategies out there.

But why should I jump into my own Drupal newsletter?

  1. Rewarding the interest

As you know, the subscription process of a newsletter, although it is short enough in most cases, can require a little effort on the part of the user since it has to stop you to ask you for personal information.  This effort is worth it because the user has seen something in you and would like to know more.   Your job at this point is to reward this gesture of confidence by offering him or her high quality content and behaving well.  

  1. Privileged information and being better than content

When you send a newsletter you can get infinite statistics: click numbers, bounce percentages, users who have erased their subscriptions, opening rates, etc.  

All of this information is really valuable in order to know if the public is interested in you.  Maintaining a web or developer blog with Drupal is a job that requires a lot of great dedication and one you ought to study if this job with give you results.  

  1. Quality traffic

A web or blog created in Drupal receives many different visits interested in certain content, which is why a site can have a high rebound rate.  A newsletter is a fundamental tool to assure that a percentage of these visits are quality, which is to say that those people who visit your blog are really interested in your content.  

The users that subscribe to you bulletin are usually proactive people who do not want to lose anything and share  with their followers things that interest them.  Without a doubt, they are a source of the highest quality visits.  Take care of them!

  1. Dissemination of corporate news

Sometimes it can be complicated and tedious to report all the new initiatives that your business is doing.  The newsletter permits you to do so immediately as a large team of people that will know all new projects that you are working on, launches of products or services, sponsored events, etc.


Some Drupal modules that could help you create a newsletter



HTML mail


We hope that these ideas have convinced you and that you are excited to start in this interesting world.