7 reasons why you should already be using drupal 8

Benefits of using Drupal 8

Still not using Drupal? Moreover...Still not using Drupal 8? Stay and read: Here at La Drupalera we are crazily in love with Drupal, so our main purpose for this year is to get everyone out there to be using Drupal 8 as their preferred CMS by the end of  2017. So, what’s stoping you from jumping into Drupal 8 straight away? Here you have some of the fundamental reasons why Drupal 8 is and will be your best ally in the near future: 

Drupal makes it easy: a simple CMS interface and a ready-to-collaborate community! 

Tons of ‘drupaleros’ have worked tirelessly in order to make Drupal 8 more accessible to all sort of users. That's why one of the main novelties of this well-known CMS’s latest version is that it’s an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for both web administrators and publishers.

In addition to that, the Drupal Community is currently one of the largest and most active software developers communities, which makes it very easy to solve problems at any time of day and night... Drupal to the rescue!

The chats, video tutorials, books, forums, as well as the official information that you will find in Drupal.org are also important assets to put on the list when deciding to chose this CMS for developing your web projects.

Drupal 8: a far much better equipped core

In addition to the enhancements regarding usability, Drupal 8 includes very significant improvements both for small and large companies:

  • It runs with Twig, a new PHP-based templates engine that is secure, fast and flexible.

  • All its built-in themes are mobile first, which means all of them automatically fit into different devices and screen sizes.

  • It allows users to edit text on any page without having to access the complete editing form, which facilitates both the creation of drafts and a better implementation of web security.

  • The views are integrated within the core, allowing users to quickly create pages, blocks and many other things, as well as easily modify already existing pages.

As if all that wasn't enough, Drupal 8 is one of the first CMS that includes more than 55 modules within the core, among which you can find modules as important as JQuery Update, Entity API and CKEdition...Installing Drupal was never easier! 

The content editor has the power in Drupal 8

Thanks to the WYSISYG CKEditor - which comes embedded by default in the Core -, content generation has become more accessible to 'non-technical' profiles, so  it’s no longer necessary to be an expert Drupal developer in order to manage contents in Drupal 8, something which will certainly come in handy both for most of the corporate websites and their administrators.

Being so, any journalist, marketer or copy editing content in Drupal on daily basis will no longer suffer while directly transfering the content they previously created on a Word document to the Drupal editor. Isn’t it magic? No, it's Drupal!

Multilingual Drupal 8: your company is closer and closer to internationalization

Drupal 8 bets on international websites and therefore introduces a definitive solution for the maintenance of multilingual sites in terms of administration, editing, searches and so on.

As it is, it incorporates new functionalities in the translations management wich makes it easier for publishers to quickly swich, include or delete texts in different language by just using a simple form. 

A 100% responsive Drupal 8: Don’t miss a single lead!

As we mentioned before, Drupal 8 adapts to all kinds of screen resolutions, something that has become essential in order to improve both User Experience and organic positioning in Google, as this search engine will no longer show non-responsive websites into its search results.

This way, those who visit a website will be able to see it without any problems either from a tablet, a smartphone or a computer, thus improving company’s branding and so increasing its sales conversions.

Customizable and flexible: Drupal 8 sets the base, you decide how to make it

Drupal allows you to customize both the content and the presentation without writing or modifying a single line of code.

In addition to that, its modular structure makes it a content manager capable of adapting to any type of environment and project: There is nothing that can’t be done with Drupal.

Performance and scalability: Drupal 8 allows your business to grow

In its latest versions, Drupal has improved both its response times and the handling of large amounts of traffic thanks to the optimization of Javascript, CSS and the cache management.

There are many documented success stories of using Drupal in corporate environments that have experienced exponential increases in the number of users within a very short time period and hence have seen themselves forced to restructure the physical layer of the service by separating DBMS and application servers. In all cases, it has been possible to maintain the same service through Drupal 8 with just a few changes in the configurations, Drupal 8 does not set limits!

And all that was just the highlights...Do you want to find out more? Come and check it out by yourself! This 2017, Be Drupal 8!