How to make sure your Drupal blog is a success

How to make sure your Drupal blog is a success

If there is one thing that we know here at Drupalera, it is that a blog is an indispensable resource that businesses should keep in mind when planning their online marketing strategy.

In our case, we treat ours as a communication and motivational tool, a means of contributing to the drupalera community and an important channel for diffusing our brand.

Some reasons why you should have a business blog

It is possible that you the idea does not appeal to you much or that you view a blog as requiring a lot of work and dedication.  To remove your doubts, we have a short list with some reasons that it is worth it to have a blog.

·         Introduce your business to a wider audience

·         Improve the branding of your business and its image

·         Acclimate your workers to the culture of your company

·         Differentiate yourself from the competition with high quality content

·         Gain a closer means of communication with the public

·         Demonstrate to the world that you know how to do it, not just sell something without knowing

·         Maximize the online position of your company and your website

·         Increase the prestige of your brand

Advice so that your corporate blog will be a success

A blog is not complicated and is something that anyone can do.  However, to manage it effectively is another thing.

Having a blog because the rest of the world has one is not a good motivation to embark on the blogging adventure.  A blog requires responsibility with your users, and a lack of content or quality could provoke an effect contrary to your business goals and harm your company´s reputation.

Therefore, before you jump into a post, take a look at these pieces of advice that you might find useful.

1.      You should have clear and well defined objective: Why do I have a blog? What do I want to get from it?

2.      The information should be organized by section or category so that the navigation will be easier for the user.

3.      Add an internal search engine to allow the public to easily find what they need.

4.      Publish new content with a predetermined schedule, creating a routine for publications.

5.      Write in a direct and straightforward style: in the post you are “having a conversation” with the reader, so you should use more colloquial language if you are directing yourself at the general public or more specialized language is you are directing yourself at a technical audience like us.

6.      Write the content under the Creative Commons license (users are free to copy, distribute, modify, and commercially use your work).  Don’t make people worry about what they can share!

7.      Try to use attractive, impactful, and relevant images that add value to the content.

8.      Integrate social networks and RSS so that your content goes viral.

We are sure that with these tips you will get achieve the successful business blog that you want.