How to publish Drupal Pages in GitHub


There are a lot of sites where to publish web applications. One of the simplest is with Github:  Github pages. We can create it through the interface github but it is faster (and cool) using git command.

There are two alternatives with this tool:

- Through a special repository where the content will be save. In this case, all files should be in master branch. The URL will be

- Pages associated with a repository of Github. Files will be in a new branch:  gh-pages. the URL will consist

Now, we are going to explain the second case:

First, we create a new branch called gh/pages. Github will automatically publish it.

git checkout -b gh-pages

git push -u origin gh-pages

We can access the web site with the URL

If we usually develop from master and we want to  update the changes in the web create in Github with gh-pages, we only  should use this commands


git push origin master

Changing the branch:

git checkout gh-pages

Mixing the changes:

git merge master

Upload the changes:

git push origin gh-pages

Github is a powerful tool  to work and to developers projects, As we have seen in this post, it is very simple and useful to publish a web site and  keeping an updated it.