How to get the best out of DrupalCamp

drupalcamp 2018

DrupalCamp Spain 2018 is coming! A few days to learn, share knowledges, enjoy and meet other drupalers with the best environment.

The key to enjoy the one of the Drupal’s events, is to be ready. And luckily for you, we’ve listed these essential tips which you should take into account to make the most of this annual event.

How can I organize before the DrupalCamp?

Plan your trip: As always, to anticipate and organize an event, help you to be prepared. That’s why, it’s important to prepare a list which helps you plan before, after and during the event. We recommend you some tools which will make easier this:, Todoist, Remember the Milk, Evernote or even Google or Mac notes.

Organise your contacts: It may seem ridiculous, but it is easy to get lost at this kind of events, where it is crowded. For that reason, you must create a Whatsapp group with all your contact friends who want to attend to the event with you. Also, you can follow on Telegram, the DrupalCamp official group to stay on top of everything. These prevent many headaches.

Establish a meeting point: We recommend that if the cell phone and internet connection may be down, you can establish a meeting point to avoid that your or your friends get lost. You can’t forget to arrive in time at Las Cigarreras with your accreditation because you must previously confirm your identity, this will help you as then you don’t need to wait in queues and you can attend the opening session.

Stay on top: The best way to know any latest news is to subscribe to the Official Newsletter, also you should follow the Official Twitter account and turn on notifications.

How can I get organized during the DrupalCamp?

Don’t forget the basics: To make the most of DrupalCamp it is important that you take notes on whatever you don’t want to forget, so put things that you need; notebook and pen, if you are traditionalist or your laptop or tablet if you prefer new technologies… it doesn’t matter what you bring with you… but it is important that you prepare all your things every night… and don’t forget your accreditation!

Make the most of every session: We have two days full of talks, but we don’t make miracles... So we advise you that you attend the right session. So you should take a look at the schedule. Also, you can follow these useful tips to make the most of the next DrupalCamp Spain 2018. Follow the official hashtag #DrupalCampES to stay on top of all the latest news, don’t be afraid to ask and participate during the sessions and look for the official Twitter account of every speaker.

Take advantage of the breaks: After every session, you have 15 minutes break during which, you can meet other Drupal lovers. Getting to know new people, will help you to broaden your ideas and improve your knowledge.

Use Social Media: The best way to follow an event and disseminate it, is to use Social Media. In this case Twitter is the best option for that. You can’t forget to follow the official account and share all information on your profile. Use the official hashtag #DrupalCampEs if you want to share with Drupal Community all information. Share all content on Twitter!

Enjoy: whenever you want, you should take some time to do sightseeing around Alicante or go out for a drink with your Drupal friends. Take photos and have fun!

And… what’s next DrupalCamp?

It’s time to gather the information: now you can share your new knowledges with the Drupal community. Don’t be afraid, you can write a post on your blog or Social Media, review the #DrupalCampEs hashtag to know what you have missed, download the slides and watch AED videos to relive every moment.

Download our guide to surviving this Camp

We’re aware that when you attend to an event this could be a headache, because you have to organize all things that take time. Agree with other people, look for accommodation, how to go… But La Drupalera have created a useful list to survive this DrupalCamp 2018, we’ve compiled the information which you need to organize this trip to Alicante  with monuments, restaurants, pubs… Download it and take a look at this guide we’ve prepared for you.

survival guide DrupalCamp

We’re sure that if you follow these tips you can take advantage of this DrupalCamp 2018 experience as we did in past editions. Remember, don’t forget to pack your laptop and charger into your suitcase and all your energy. Let’s start counting the days and the hours until DrupalCamp 2018!