2016: Best La Drupalera's year ever

 La Drupalera’s achievements 2016

That's the way it is, 2016 comes to an end! And in order to celebrate that this was La Drupalera’s best year in terms of numbers, results and clients satisfaction, we wanted to prepare a summary so that you can relive all these successes with us:

First of all, we have already reached the sum of 800 followers on Twitter! And there are many more in the way. It may not seem much, but it's a blast in terms of digital community and engagement, since we started the year being about 400 and our community of drupaleros has doubled its size after publishing more than 1500 tweets in which we have shared more than 100 posts and snnipets about backend and front-end Drupal topics written and discussed by our team of expert drupaleros. And not just that! La Drupalera developers have also contributed to Drupal modules, with patches to contributed modules, translations, themes and patches to the core of Drupal with 36 commits during 2016, seven of them were contributed during DrupalCamp of Granada, where we were Silver Sponsor and we enjoyed four Days drupal-in’ all day long!

More than 17,000 web sessions, 6000 recurring users and 100 business opportunities received support all this effort, dedication, knowledge and Drupal professionalism La Drupalera has efficiently proven to have.

On the other hand, during the lenght of 2016 we have not only attended DrupalCamp 2016, but we were also present at Drupal Summer Barcelona, ​​where, in addition to being sponsors, our colleague agomezmoron talked about QA in Drupal Projects
and at the Drupal Summer Academy, plus actively participating at the Drupal Sevilla Group monthly meetings not only as listeners, but also by pitching on different Drupal topics, such as the talk of one of our back-end developers, joe_carvajal, on Graphs in Drupal 7 with Visualization API and Highcharts, or the one our CMO, David Munárriz, gave about La Drupalera as a Drupal Best Practices case or even the one our digital strategy colleague, Beatriz González, gave about SEO in Drupal projects.

Among La Drupalera’s achievements in terms of business, we can also highlight that we are currently the first Drupal company in the Chilean marketplace, in addition to being in both Spain and Switzerland top ten possitions, being Switzerland the last country added to our list  as we opened our first headquarters by the middle of 2016 and we obtained an important International client within just a couple of months of business there! Moreover, our Drupal developers are so good that we even got to make projects in Drupal 8, like Sevilla FC’s brand new website. :)

The training and experience of our team of experts in Drupal, the cohesive integration of different technical profiles and our digital strategy have enabled us to work with large international companies such as IZI.Travel, Virgin Mobile Chile or Orange during 2016, for whom we have developed great Drupal projects related, among other aspects, to solving specific and complex problems of security, performance, code quality and software architecture and large-scale websites development.

As for the national scope,  stricktly speaking about large-scale Drupal development projects in Spain, governmental institutions such as Madrid.org or the IAC - Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands - have not hesitated to entrust us with their projects.

And so we could continue listing some of the keys that have made this 2016 an exceptional year for our La Drupalera, but we do not want to bore you all, so we may end this summary just by highlighting the most important thing of all: that none of this could have been possible without the unconditional commitment and professionalism of our Drupal Experts Team.

Thank you all for this great year and may many more come!

¡Happy New Year 2017 Everyone!