9 + 1 Must-Follow Twitter accounts for drupalers

mejores cuentas twitter drupal

You know everything there is to know about Drupal, but you do not know who to follow in Social Networks? Do not worry, we have the solution to your problems!

Here you have the 10 essential accounts on Twitter that you have to follow to not miss any Drupal news.

10 Twitter accounts you should follow to be a Drupal expert


Cuenta de Twitter oficial Drupal


In the official Drupal account you will find latest news and highlights. They are the first to publish releases, important problems and everything you have to be aware if you want to be an updated drupaler.


cuenta de twitter de dries, creador de Drupal

Every drupaler must follow the creator of Drupal, project leader, co-founder and CTO of Acquia. Every week he writes a post that shares in his Twitter profile and disseminates the most important news for the Community.


twitter de jose luis bellido


José Luis Bellido is a Drupal backend developer of who is an active part of the local group of Drupal Sevilla. He writes some very interesting posts and keeps up to date with all the news.


twitter de drupal decurity

No bug will catch you unaware if you follow this account that will keep you up to date with updates, releases, security breaches and everything you need to protect your Drupal.



twitter mon franco

Mon Franco is a Drupal analyst and a very active member of the Community. She works closely with the AED (Spanish Drupal Association) and is a member of the European Commission through Everis.


twitter capynet

Marcelo Tosco is a passionate Drupal Frontend developer and he is quite good at writing useful posts.


alexpott twitter


Alex has been working with this CMS for about 6 years and is a Drupal co-maintainer. Dries himself chose it to review highly technical patches. This drupaler is very meticulous and patient in his technical reviews and has been a key developer in the process of creating Drupal 8.


webchnick twitter

Angie is committer at the core of Drupal and Director of Community Development of Acquia. He also writes in O'Reilly Media.


keopx twitter

Rubén is La Drupalera's number 1 fan and an expert Drupal developer. He is able to organize a Dev Day himself, to contribute to the Core and also to write interesting posts. In your timeline you will find a mix of very useful Drupal content.


twitter la drupalera

And, of course, you should follow La Drupalera so you do not miss any news about Drupal 8 and the Drupal Community.