Beyond the web: Mobile Apps using Drupal & Ionic 2

Beyond the web: Mobile Apps using Drupal & Ionic 2

Our colleagues Nacho González Bullón and Alejandro Gómez Morón have held the workshop 'Beyond the web: mobile apps using Drupal & Ionic 2' in Drupal Dev Days, in which they have exposed the steps they have been taken to create the event application.

The session, centered on Ionic, has been accompanied by a repository, which has served as a tutorial base to understand the steps that were taking place as they progressed. According to Nacho has commented, there are not many complications when it comes to mount an app with these characteristics, although there may be some obstacles: "People can get stuck in the end, when you have to lift an emulator or install Android. Also, when adding events to the calendar, because on Android did not work very well and had to patch a plugin."

Nacho has also written a post on how to make an app with Ionic. "The idea comes from building the application for Drupal Dev Days and is aimed at a very technical audience. In addition, it has helped me to organize everything that we were going to explain step by step in the workshop of the event" he has said.

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