Docker, your best ally to migrate & upgrading your Drupal

Docker, your best ally to migrate & upgrading your Drupal

In this session, Alejandro Gómez Morón -our Dev Days superstar- have gave some very useful tips to migrate a Drupal 7 site to a Drupal 8 one by using Docker.

Upgrading a Drupal site can be a difficult, time-consuming and expensive task. Alejandro have shown the attendants how to reduce costs and get the migration done in a painless and quicker way with Docker help.

He has highlighted as a key factor to this process the needed to use Docker with Continous Delivery to get results as soon as possible.

Our colleague hasn't talked about having a Docker instance in a development environment but he has explained how you can have a farm of coordinated docker images in order to minimize problems during the migration process, as well as to predict the impact of upgrading a Drupal system and knowing your Techincal Debt about the upgrade.

During the session, he has worked with Drupal 8, Docker, OS, bash and Jenkins.

Enjoy the slides!